Chef Adventure Blocks

This activity uses Appmaker to create a simple 8-bit game, in which your character can dig through blocks and navigate a maze. It's easy to make, and super fun to play! It is recommended that you check out Greedy Chef first.

Made by thecount

What Your App will Look Like

  1. Our basic Chef Adventure app will be two pages long. Your first level could look something like this.

  2. Your second level is mostly logic, and could look something like this.

Build the App

  1. Open Appmaker ( On the first page, add the following bricks in this order: Chef Adventure brick, Game Controller brick, and a Button brick. These bricks are listed on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. Add a new page to your app.

    Add the following bricks in this order: Boolean Gate.

Connect the Bricks

  1. Connecting the bricks involves assigning bricks to a channel (A, B, C, D, etc.), and linking them to other bricks in the app. This step is what makes the app functional. See: Greedy Chef for more details on how to connect these channels.

  2. To destroy/remove a block, you need to setup a button on the controller that destroys a block. Use the Game Controller's bottom right button, and change the value in the editable to wall4. So when the button is clicked, it send the value of the wall we want to make removable.

    Now connect Game Controller's button broadcast to the Boolean Gate's "signal" listener.

    Now change the Boolean Gate's "Check if" editable value to match the value of the brick being removed, in my case I used "wall4".

    Finally, connect the Boolean Gate's "True" broadcast to Chef Adventure's "Destroy Block" listener.

Publish and Play Your Game

  1. Share: Now that you've created an awesome app, sign-in to or create a Webmaker account and select "Publish" from the "App" drop-down menu. Share your link with your friends and family, on Facebook and on Twitter, tweet @MozillaAppmaker

  2. Download the app to your mobile device: You can install Appmaker apps on your mobile device and use it on the go. Once you publish the app, you can have a link to the app emailed to you or use a QR reader to take a picture of the code.